Editors’ Note: Many books and software programs are discussed in the following article, and these materials are listed in four examples in the article: Example 2 shows books focused on listening skills alone along with those that integrate listening and sight singing; the four books presented in Example 4 include aural skills along with other topics; Example 5 covers anthologies of melodies and rhythms; and Example 7 lists aural skills software.

Included are some supplemental files that are a set of discussions among the authors that grew out of their collaboration on this article. In these videos, titled "Five Conversations about Aural Skills: Present and Future,” the authors talk with one another and with Melissa Hoag, the reviews editor of JMTP, about aural skills pedagogy as it currently stands and offer ideas about its future.

These videos are also available on YouTube here.

Five Conversations Part 1.mp4 (898970 kB)
Part 1: The Current State of the Field

Five Conversations Part 2.mp4 (858946 kB)
Part 2: Outcomes for the Curriculum

Five Conversations Part 3.mp4 (1073794 kB)
Part 3: Activities and Goals

Five Conversations Part 4.mp4 (1058702 kB)
Part 4: Assessment

Five Conversations Part 5.mp4 (1137684 kB)
Part 5: Practical and Structural Issues