Jay Smith


Bass-Line Movable Do Modulation Paradigms are designed to help aural skills students internalize common modulation patterns. The worksheet uses movable-do modulation, meaning students change “do” to reflect the solfège of the new key at an appropriate pivot point. Students should sing the top line in the original key, repeat the pitch on the solfège syllable of the new key where it aligns with the lower line (the pivot point), and continue in the new key to the end. The instructor may wish to accompany students with an appropriate chord progression, providing musical context to the bass lines. The worksheet also includes selected potential problem areas, which typically occur when students do not shift their thinking to the new key area, resulting in incorrect interval qualities. Most commonly, students erroneously sing minor thirds instead of major thirds and major seconds instead of minor thirds. Students who can successfully sing through these exercises have largely been successful in hearing and singing modulations in musical contexts.