"The Do/Ti Test handouts were developed to enable students to identify harmonic function quickly and accurately. These handouts equip students with a visual representation of a powerful, time-tested strategy for harmonic dictation: the guide-tone method, first described by Rahn and McKay in 1988. Building on and extending the guide-tone method, the Do/Ti Test can be applied to diatonic harmonies, applied chords, chromatic predominants, sequences, and modulation.

This accompanying document contains the following:

The Do/Ti Test Handouts: An Introduction

Explanations for each handout.

Handout 1: The Do/Ti Test: Major-mode Version

Handout 2: The Do/Ti/Te Test: Minor-mode Version

Handout 3: Extending the Do/Ti Test: Secondary Dominants, Chromatic Predominants, Sequences, and Modulation to Closely Related Keys"