David Temperly


Conference Report: MusicCog / 2001 Reviewed by David Temperly MusicCog/2001, which took place at Ohio State University on May 18-20, 2001, is the latest in a series of workshops held at Ohio State on the subject of music cognition (previous workshops were held in 1998 and 1999). The MusicCog workshops differ from conventional conferences in several respects. First, all speakers are invited: they consist of renowned scholars in music cognition from around the world, as well as researchers from Ohio State's own distinguished music cognition group. (Five guest speakers at MusicCog/2001 gave one or two talks each; six Ohio State speakers also gave talks.) Secondly, a series of panel discussions interspersed with the talks allow an unusual degree of participation and input from the audience. Thirdly, the workshops are free, making them an ideal forum for students or others wishing to "get their feet wet" in the exciting field of music cognition.