Submit Your Research

To submit your research, email your work along with the completed Submission Form and License Agreement to Review our policies to ensure that you understand the guiding principles for the Carolyn Wilson Digital Collections.

Instructions for the Submission Form

Please fill out the form as completely as possible. If your work has multiple authors, please include the names of all authors on the form. All student work requires a faculty sponsor. This faculty member can be someone on your committee, a department chair, or other faculty member. We need only one signature for this.

Instructions for the License Agreement

This license agreement gives Lipscomb the right to publish your work online. It is “non-exclusive,” which means that you can license other entities to publish your work in addition. You are the “donor” on this agreement because you are giving this licensing right to Lipscomb.

  1. The title of your work goes in the first blank under “Title of Donated Materials.”
  2. You will check and initial only one of the three boxes in the second section. If your work is previously unpublished, and you wish to retain your copyright, choose either the first or second box, depending on whether your work has one or more authors.
  3. If your work has previously been published elsewhere, check Sherpa Romeo for publisher permissions before choosing the third box.
  4. Sign and date under “Donor’s Signature,” and give us a way to contact you in the future if there are any issues with your submission. If your work has multiple authors, then all authors will need to sign the license as donors.
  5. You do not need to get Provost Jennifer Shewmaker’s signature. She will sign the agreement on behalf of Lipscomb after you submit it.
  6. If you have questions, please contact If you are unable to scan and submit the forms electronically, contact the library at the above email address, or call 615-966-5803 to make other arrangements.

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