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Spring 2-21-2023


This doctor of ministry project presents the results of a qualitative research study of the efficacy of shared spiritual practices in the formation of families at Mayfair Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama. Once a week for six weeks, I met with six Mayfair families with adolescents, where they were able to learn about and practice spiritual disciplines consistently together over the course of six weeks. The selected disciplines engaged different God-given human faculties intended to unite us with God and with each other. After each session, families were then invited to practice the discipline as a family throughout the week. I also facilitated space for families to share about their experiences. The goal was to explore the effect of these shared practices in the spiritual formation of the participating families.

Several beneficial findings emerged as a result of this project model. First, the families’ shared experiences led to a shared language. The movement from experience to dialogue to formation proved to be a powerful tool for families as they seek to be formed by the Holy Spirit. The project model also created space for families to practice the Shema together. The spiritual practices shared by families throughout the series helped them envision a pathway to living in their calling as the people of God. In addition, the shared, spiritual practices played a crucial role in creating community among all the participating families. Finally, while time proved to be the biggest threat in the spiritual formation among the families who participated in the project, the culture of accountability created through this project can assist in generating new spiritual rhythms and pathways that can combat this threat to formation. Overall, this project proved to be effective in impacting the spiritual formation of participating families.

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