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Mark Cleveland, Co-founder and CEO of Hytch Rewards, was facing a dilemma. His technology- based startup, Hytch Rewards, was at a critical juncture in the company launch. The company

had just recorded its best quarter in company history, but the pandemic had placed the company’s future in jeopardy. Mark pulled together his team of advisors and investors and asked the question, “Should we pause, pivot, or continue to pursue the launch of the company?”

The team came back equally divided among the three options. “Some of our group said we should stop development work and place the company on hold until we saw how the pandemic would play out while others said the pandemic presented an opportunity to pivot and make some changes to the value proposition. Others said we had proven the concept and should push on to be prepared to scale when the pandemic ends,” Mark commented.

There was no clear consensus for the path forward. Mark would have to decide how to proceed - the path forward was challenging and full of uncertainty.

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Journal of Case Research and Inquiry



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