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Spring 4-2023


Withania somnifera (commonly known as Ashwagandha), is a plant in which its root powder is sold as a dietary supplement. It is being commonly used as an anti-anxiety supplement to combat stress. While the sale of Withania somnifera is widely accessible and available throughout the U.S., it is concerning that a number of teens and young adults are taking this supplement without consulting a physician. Previous studies and claims conclude that Withania somnifera has both neuroprotective and antiinflammatory properties in human neuronal cells. We have chosen to test Withania somnifera’s effects on early embryonic development using Danio rerio, zebrafish, as a model of early neural development. We will specifically examine apoptosis, growth rate, behavioral abnormalities, and/or embryonic lethality. Phenotypic traits and effects will also be noted as observed.