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Fall 8-9-2023


This doctorate of ministry project is the beginning foundation of a dream that I first started dreaming of while I was in prison. The dream is the development of a community in exile with the understanding that those living in exile have something to offer within the prison walls. Furthermore, those in exile have something to offer when they are released from exile. God, through Jeremiah, tells those living in exile in Babylon that they are to build communities while in exile. Through the building of communities God informs that they are to offer Shalom to each other and to all those outside of the community. This directive is apropos to those living in exile in the land of the incarcerated. I am convinced that God desires those exiled to the land of the incarcerated to build community while in exile and offer Shalom. The first thing that those living in exile will possibly need to learn, to build community, is how to work and help each other to begin a transformative healing journey.

This project explores a possible way to help the exile, as well as teaching the exile how to help each other, to move in transformative healing. The following is the question that this project explores regarding the exile moving into transformative healing: is it possible that spiritual direction techniques, aided by spiritual formation modules (spiritual disciplines) and community fellowship, assist with transformational healing within the incarcerated exile community? The following is the developmental flow of this project. Chapter 1 is a discussion on the purpose of this project and problematics that gave rise to the project and that the project had to overcome. Chapter 2 is a discussion on the correlation between Jeremiah 29 and incarcerated landscape that the incarcerated exile dwells. Chapter 3 is a literary review and theological discussion on the spiritual direction methodology (techniques) I used in this project with those living in exile. Chapter 4 outlines the methodology for teaching spiritual direction methodology (techniques) to those living in incarcerated exile. The final chapter discusses the outcome that derived from this project, the outcomes that currently continue as development projects, and the outcomes that are laying the foundation for future projects.